Are you a local business?

Why not organise discounts for you and your clients with a reliable, local taxi company.

You'll receive our 25 years' of experience and knowledge of local transport, including the quickest routes to train stations, ferry terminals and airports.

You'll be able to rely on our drivers to get you to meetings on time, and picked up and dropped off at the train station without hassle.

Use a local taxi company in Kendal for your business

Use one taxi service for all travel for the duration of your client's stay in Kendal:

  • Corporate and contract work
  • 4-8 seated cars
  • Airport and station transfers
Airport transfer - Kendal, Cumbria - Blue Star Taxis (Kendal) Ltd - Taxi transport

Use a personal taxi service for your business and call Blue Star Taxis (Kendal) Ltd on
01539 723 670

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